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St Edward Integrated School in Gen Trias

St Edward Integrated School in Gen Trias

The second location of the school much closer to the subdivision.  St Edward Integrated School.

– Pre-School – Elementary – High School.

Capacity 750

Location Map

St Edward Intergrated School Location Map

Ongoing Construction

St Edward Intergrated School Ongoing Construction

St. Edward Integrated School’s vision is to be a learning institution, Catholic in character, that transforms lives by nurturing minds to realize their dreams and potentials to become persons of integrity imbued with Christian values in the service of the society.

Its mission states that as a humble tribute to God, following the ideals of St. Edward the Confessor, the school promotes quality, human and Christian education to the young and the disadvantaged by providing them with a healthy learning environment, in partnership with the academic community.

The school’s board of trustees, namely, Mr. Guillermo Choa, Ms. Carina Choa, Mr. Crisanto Hilario and Dr. Herminia Torres unveiled the school’s emblem and its vision and mission statements. The school’s emblem is green to stand for the PRO-FRIENDS’ corporate color. The star with six points at the center signifies celestial goodness and nobility. This represents St. Edward’s high standards of discipline and morality.


St Edward Intergrated School Logo


The crest signifies honor & readiness of the school to serve the public.  The crown on top of the crest is actually St. Edward’s crown which represents his prominent example in the development of the students in the community. The 2 fronds of laurel signify the quest for quality, Christian education.  The year of its foundation is represented by 2011.


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