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Reasons to Buy a REAL ESTATES Property

Reasons to Buy a REAL ESTATES Property

7 Reasons to you should invest.

1. Property’s still the best investment out there.
“The stock market is very volatile for people who are looking for a place to invest or where to put their money. It’s  still real estate. It will still appreciate in value.” said Bobby Disini, vice president of PS bank mortgage banking division. He added that even if people already have houses and still have money to spend, it would still be wise to invest in the property. They can sell it later on.

2. Private housing loan provider such as bank has competitives rates now, making homes more affordable to Filipinos.

3. A roof-over-your-head principle
“The family will always want a house over anything else, ‘ Disini said. “That’s why we habe a lot of oversease Filipinos working abroad and the first thing in their mind id to but a house and a car,” he explains.

4. Buy while prices are still low.
Alejandro S. Manalac, president of the National Real Estate Association, revealed that developers are increasing thier prices. “The soaring prices of major construction materials are eating up the developers margins. If buyers will compute, the 10 to 20 percent increase that developers are planning to implement is not enough since the prices of steel and cement have practically double since last May. Those who are constructing their own house can relate to this.”



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