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Diana Lancaster - Imus

  • Diana House Lancaster
  • Diana house Lancaster
  • Diana house Lancaster  living
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  • Diana house Lancaster  stairs
  • Diana house Lancaster  master  bedroom
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  • Diana house Lancaster kitchen

Pre-Selling (12 months Move-in), Ready to Move-in, Ready to Move-in (9 months) ₱11,443 Per Month - Townhouse
60 Sqm 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1 Garage  Add to Favorites Print

Lancaster New City Diana Townhouse  model is a 60 sqm  2 storey townhouse (30sqm Ground floor and 30sqm 2nd Floor) on 50 sqm lot area. It has three bedrooms, two toilets and baths, a living room, dining area, kitchen, provisions for a balcony, air conditioning outlet, CATV, telephone, and one-car garage.

DIANA Lancaster


House Features:

  • Three Bedrooms
  • Two Toilets and Baths
  • Living Area
  • Dining Area
  • Kitchen Area
  • Service/Laundry Area
  • Provision for Balcony
  • Provision for One-car Garage
  • Provision for CATV, Telephone, Air Conditioning Outlet
Materials & Finish
  • Pre-painted long span roofing
  • Painted plain cement finish for interior and exterior walls
  • Tiled kitchen counter with stainless kitchen sink
  • Tiled toilet and bath with complete set of bathroom fixtures(excluding tissue and soap holder)
  • Interior and exterior wall paint finish

Updated Price as of : December 10, 2015
(Ready for Occupancy Units Available)

Financing:Cash:Deferred Cash:
Item Bank Financing In-House Financing
Typical Selling Price:
1,370,000.00 1,370,000.00
     (add) Legal and Misc. Fees:
(12%) 164,400.00 (4.5%)  61,650.00
Total Contract Price:
Down payment:
(10%)  153,440.00
(20%)  276,330.00
(Less) Reservation:
Net Down payment:
Monthly DP:
Pre-Selling (12mos) Php 11,953.33
or RFO (6mos)  Php 23,906.67
Pre-Selling (24mos) Php 23,027.50 
or RFO (6mos)
 Php 46,055.00
Loanable Amt:
  (90%)  1,294,650.00
(80%)  1,145,320.00
Monthly Amortization (7.75% Interest rate)
               20 years: Php 11,984.00
For In-House Financing 
               15 years: Php 13645.67
maximum 10 years to pay: 
               10 years: Php 17,220.02
(21%) Php 23,457.24
               5 years: Php 28,482.98
(18%) Php 29,642.26


  • MRI and FIRE Insurances are included
  • Move-in is on the 3rd month after down-payment
  • Bank max loan term for OFW is 15 or 20 years, while for Locally Employed is up to 20 or 25 years depending on the assigned bank
  • For client’s convenience, this is a developer-assisted bank loan – Metrobank, UCPB, or BDO. No Minimum Net Disposable Income(NDI) is required
  • Max age on loan maturity for OFW is 60yrs, while LOCAL is 65 years
  • Transfer Fees are included for Bank financing 12% LMF. Transfer Fees are not yet included for In-house financing 4.5% LMF
  • House Prices and Bank Policies are subject to change without prior notice
Typical Selling Price: 1,370,000.00
(add) Legal and Misc. Fees:  61,650.00
Total Contract Price: 1,431,650.00
(Less) Reservation:  10,000
 10% Discount on TSP within 7 Days:  136,000.00
 Discounted Price: Php 1,285,650.00
      9.5% Discount on TSP within 8-30 Days:  129,200.00
  Discounted Price: Php 1,292,450.00
  ** Up to 6% Discount 121-150 Days**  

Note: LMF does not include transfer fee.


Typical Selling Price: 1,370,000.00
(add) Legal and Misc. Fees: 61,650.00
Total Contract Price: 1,431,650.00
(Less) Reservation: 10,000.00
Net Total Contract Price: 1,421,650.00
     Payable in 24 Months at 0% Interest rate Php 59,235.42

Note: LMF does not include transfer fee.

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