Buying Procedures

Buying Procedures

Buying Procedures

1. Tripping Schedule. Email, call, text  your viewing schedule if you want to visit and view the actual turn-over model unit and actual location. Any representative is allowed if you are not available.

For reservation of seat pls txt or call (atleast a day before or a night before)
(Globe / Viber)0927-696-3477 / (Smart)0999-674-4666 / (Sun)0933-947-4370

Pick Up Location:

  • 9:00am – (& 1:45pm ) – SM Mall of Asia (JCO / Goldilocks Hyper Market side)
  • 10:00am – (& 2:45pm ) – (infront SM Bacoor @Mercury Drugstore / ANDOKS  )(along Tirona Highway)

2. Price, Terms and Payment. After viewing the actual site and model unit, have a sit down discussion on price, terms and payment with our Sales Consultant. Ask for a sample computation and request for an explanation about the terms and process of payment.

3. Buying Decision. Choose the best location of block and lot no. from available unit base on our Sales Map.

4. Reservation Payment. Pay the corresponding reservation fee. Reservation payment will finalize the buying process and ensure the chosen unit will be reserved in your name until the first downpayment is due.

5. Submission of Required Documents. There are list of documents that Developer will require from home buyers. This will be given during reservation and must be submitted within 60 days from reservation date. Delay in submission may cause delay in house construction and bank loan evaluation.

6. Monthly Downpayment. This will start within 30-45 days from reservation date. Payment will be on monthly basis and will last until end of DP term.

7. Monthly Amortization. This will start after the downpayment term is paid.

8. Follow-ups and Updates. You may Email or Call Profriends Customer Service.

Profriends Customer Service Email:
Profriends Telephone Landline No.: (632) 727-7000

  • Check your lacking documents or requirements
  • Wants to Change Due Date – Can only request once. Admin Fee: Php100.00
  • Wants to Change Unit or Ownership – must be done within 120 days from reservation date. Transfer Fee: Php3,000.00
  • Hold Check Request – must submit request 10 working days before due date. Holding Fee: Php100.00
  • Verify Payments. Request for a Payment Ledger.
  • Buyers may submit by scan email ID, cedula & passport.
  • Follow-up status of Bank Loan application.
  • Wants to know status of House Construction.
  • Update on House turn-over schedule or Move-in date.
  • House Inspection Date or request a Certificate For Inspection (CFI)
  • Other matters you want to know the current status.


  • Unit ID – Always indicate your Unit ID (Block & Lot of your house) in all emails sent to Profriends.
  • Accepted Signatories – Only signature / emails of Buyers or their Atty-in-Fact (SPA) are allowed/accepted.
  • Request Approval – Request approval may take 2-4 weeks.
  • Send Us Copy – Please don’t forget to CC or send us copy of your email for future references.

9. House Inspection & Move-in. You will notified thru letter/mail once your house is ready for inspection. Buyer will get this Certificate of Inspection (CFI) at the main office.

During inspection, you will list down all parts of the house you think needs retouch, repair or clearing. You will be asked to come back after few weeks for the second inspection. Once you see the unit is okey and acceptable, you may sign the acceptance certificate. Bring this certificate to the main office and go back to Engineering Office at site to get the key.

Please note:

  • No Certificate of Inspectin (CFI) is allowed.
  • Incomplete submission of documents, No Move-in is allowed.
  • The Homeowners Association Fee will start once you receive the Inspection Certificate regardless if you have not move-in or live yet in your unit.
  • Light and Water will be personally applied by the Home Buyer after he accepted the house and received the key.
  • There is a Construction Bond if Buyer decides to improve, construct, fence the unit. Amount vary depending on the project which range from Php6,000 – Php12,000.00. This is refundable after no damaged is done during construction period.

10. Congratulations! On your new home.

buying procedures

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  1. Katrina evardone

    on   said 

    what would be the penalty if ever you didnt able to pay the monthly amortization for about 2-3 months?


      on   said 

      1/100 of the amount and there will be a notice with the bank. you should inform the bank of the plan of payment to avoid big penalties.


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